How to Download and Install AniMixPlay – How AniMixPlay is Easy and Different from Other Such Services? Guide 2024

How to Download and Install AniMixPlay - How AniMixPlay is different from other such services

AniMixPlay is a video streaming service and player for watching anime shows and movies. The player allows anime fans to watch their favorite shows like Boku no Pico without any hassle. The video player can be used to run anime shows on desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones (or mobile phones). AniMixPlay also offers many awesome features like creating custom playlists. The player is designed for the user’s ease of use thanks to its simple interface and intuitive programming. It gives you the best anime-watching experience, whether you want to watch it with friends or alone.


It is not like the other anime players of its class. The team behind this great anime viewing platform has designed it in such a way as to provide multiple useful features. As stated earlier, the tool is very easy to use for fans as it has a simple and intuitive interface and design. It is not much you have to do other than log in and just start watching, simple. But that is not all. There are tons of other features this Animix player offers to its fans. Some of the main features include:

  • It offers playback support meaning you can watch your favorite anime from any video source.
  • You can add your own voiceovers to any anime shows or movies.
  • The player allows you to create your own mixes that you can enjoy on any of your devices. You can also share your custom mixes with your friends via social media etc.
  • A new anime series has caught your eye but you are currently watching another one, no problem. You can add that to your watchlist for viewing later.
  • It is completely ad-free.
  • You can watch uncensored anime that are otherwise “edited” due to sensitive material e.g. Redo of Healer uncensored.
  • You do not have to register or do anything to use this anime player service.
  • The anime player service is completely free to use. You do not have to make monthly or yearly subscriptions to enjoy anime on AniMixPlay.
  • The player can be accessed via any device that you have like a desktop computer, smartphone iPhone, tablet, etc.

AniMixPlay, Is it safe to use?

AniMixPlay is a completely safe-to-use service for downloading your favorite anime like Dogeza de Tanondemita. You do not have to worry about any risks, unsavory ads, viruses, etc. You can very easily and safely download any anime show or movie on your device. Although it is safe to keep the antivirus software on your device updated at all times, the player offers safe anime download and viewing without the risk of getting pesky malware and viruses. You can watch your favorite show episodes anytime anywhere you want.

What is the range of anime available to watch on AniMixPlay?

AniMixPlay offers a wide range of anime that you can watch online and even download to watch on your own device later. The service offers both anime TV shows and movies to its viewers. You can search for your favorite show from the search bar or you can also try out new anime by choosing from the different genres.

Searching through genres is made very easy as you can search for shows with tags including action, idol, kids, mystery, parody, space, survival, mythology, vampire, historical, music, seinen, superpower, and so on. Basically, there are dozens of genres that you can search through for your viewing. You can also choose the option to watch the anime with or without subtitles. The service also offers dubbed versions of your favorite shows as well.

How AniMixPlay is different from other such services?

When it comes to anime players and download sites, there are multiple options available. But there are so many things and features that AniMixPlay offers that set it apart from other players. It has a simple and intuitive interface that you can also tinker around with. You can custom design the series player with multiple options like design features, colors, typefaces, etc. You can create your own customized anime player by changing the design and background image of the player.

The player offers you dozens of options that other services might not offer. Anyone can use it because it is so easy to use.. You have many things that you can do like playback options, add to a watchlist for later viewing, make custom playlists, try the voiceover feature, and add your own voice and music to your favorite anime episodes and movies, and so on. You can add any video format to the player and it will play it without any problems. You can download/save your favorite shows episodes to watch later. You can select any episode to watch anytime without necessarily going through the whole season.

How to Download and Install AniMixPlay

According to AniMixPlay’s official info page, there are no apps available on the Android or iOS stores. If you come across any, they are fakes. The service does offer you one service and that is PWA or progressive web apps. Basically, you can add an icon to your home screen of the smartphone or iPhone and can access the website by just clicking on it. For that follow these steps

  • Open
  • Click the install button (if it is provided by the browser) or manually add it to the home screen.

However, according to other sources, there is a safe-to-use APK app available for AniMixPlay on the internet that you can use to download and install the player service on your smartphone or iPhone. The app is intuitively designed and customizable and offers great features to the users.


AniMixPlay is an awesome online service for all the anime fans out there. The plethora of features offered by this service like playback, watchlist, watch later option, custom playlist, etc. make it a great service compared to other anime players online. The download feature also makes it a great player for anime fans. And the best part is that there are no ads or subscription requirements. So, go to the official AniMixPlay website now and start watching your favorite anime shows and movies, free of charge.

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