Reveal the History of Atticus James Hallisay Bio, Personal Life, Family, Career & Net Worth

Reveal the History of Atticus James Hallisay Bio, Personal Life, Family, Career & Net Worth

Atticus James Autumn James Hallisay, Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt is a mother of three children whom she takes care of very lovingly. Their second child is Atticus James Hallisay who was born in 2015 and is very attached to his mother. 

Jennifer says she is enjoying her pregnancy and jokingly adds that she is interested in getting pregnant. She takes pride in being a mother and caring for her children, duties she likes to do without a nanny or a night nurse.

Hewitt has a very close relationship with her children and Atticus James Hallisay mother says motherhood was a joyous occasion for her that reminds her of what is important to them. She said that now is the time to bring the spotlight to Atticus James Hallisay and discover some new things.

NameAtticus James Hallisay
BirthdateJune 24 2015
Age9 Years Old
BirthplaceLos Angeles, California, USA
ParentsJune 24, 2015
Known For American Celebrity Kid
SiblingsAutumn James Hallisay ( Sister ) Aiden James Hallisay ( Brother )
EducationMiddle School

Atticus James Birth

Brian Hallisay and Jennifer Love Hewitt Atticus James Hallisay added a new person to their family, which they welcomed with great joy. It was their second son, Atticus James Hallisay. Their second son was born on January 24, 2015, which was announced by the representative of the actress. 

Having two children under the age of two with the birth of Atticus could have been difficult for this couple. But Jennifer said it would not be difficult for them. Explaining this, Jennifer said that it was actually an interesting phase to take care of the children without a night nurse and nanny.

Atticus James Hallisay Parents

Brian Hallisay and Jennifer Love Hewitt met in 2011 during NBC’s Love Bites series. Then again in 2012, the couple was seen together during the filming of “The Client List”. 

When they announced the pregnancy and engagement of their first child the following year, their relationship went to the next stage. Then in the same year, the couple got married on 20th November and after some time a daughter was born.

Brain Hallisay’s date of birth is 31st October 1978 while Jennifer was born on 21st February 1979. Both the actors are involved in the showbiz business but Jennifer also does music and writing. The parents have done many shows together and apart from this, both have played the role of husband and wife in the 911 series.

Atticus James Close Bond With Mother

Atticus loves to give more time to his mother And often he spends a lot of time together with their siblings. Her mother keeps posting about her children on Instagram, which gives people a glimpse of how she lives or spends time with her children.

In 2020, Jennifer went to paint a rainbow with her children for one of her projects. She shared the occasion with her children on Instagram. It was during the lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic that Jennifer took part in recreational activities and spent time with her children.

Jennifer usually keeps her children out of the public eye, but Atticus is often in the public eye when he is seen spending time with his mother. In a photo from 2019, Atticus was seen shopping for groceries with his mother as he sat inside the basket smiling and son Atticus James Hallisay’s mother looked excited.

Atticus James Siblings

Autumn James Hallisay is the elder sister of Atticus James who was born in 2013 shortly after her parents got married. The couple often keeps their children away from the media, but Jennifer’s elder daughter often accompanies them to some filming locations.

Atticus James and his siblings are the biggest blessings in life for their mother. Although she keeps them away from the spotlight, Jennifer is very happy and excited when talking about her children. Hewitt has devoted most of his time to the proper training of his children. 

Even during the days of quarantine, it was seen how he performed the duties of homeschooling his children and spent time with the children, training them and playing with them.

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