Dalton Gomez Professional Career – Dalton’s Failed Marriage with Ariana Grande

Dalton Gomez Ariana Grande Ex-Husband

Musical superstar Ariana Grande and real estate agent Dalton Gomez romance quickly grew into a story. While their relationship is almost private, it has won over fans all around the world.

Dalton Gomez has become very well-known in the showbiz and celebrity gossip worlds. Dalton, who was well-known for being a successful real estate agent, had his fame rise when he started dating pop phenomenon Ariana Grande and ultimately became her husband. We will go into Dalton’s biography in this post, looking at his childhood, professional history, and relationship with the top artist. 

Dalton Gomez Early Life

Dalton is a native of Torrance, California in the state of Southern California. Before he started dating Ariana Grande, almost nothing was known about Gomez. In the days of social media and continual review, he is a private person who has succeeded in keeping a low profile. Dalton Gomez birthday was on 7 August 1995. Dalton Gomez height is 5 Feet and 8 Inches.

Bio and Wiki

Full NameDalton Jacob Gomez
Birth Date7 August 1995
Birth PlaceSouthern California, US
Age28 years old
Famous AsHusband of Ariana Grande
Martial StatusDivorced
ProfessionReal Estate Broker
WifeAriana Grande
Sibling2 Dakota Gomez, Tori Gomex
Height5 Feet 8 Inches
Weight75 KG
Eye ColorChestnut Brown
Hair ColorBlack
Social MediaInstagram, Twitter
Net Worth$25 Million

Siblings and Family

Dalton Gomez Siblings and Dalton Gomez Family

Dalton Gomez parents a residents of Southern California and Dalton comes from a well-established Christian family. It is well known that he is an American citizen and practices Christianity. Dalton’s ethnicity is Spanish. Dalton’s mother is a housewife and his father is Mr. Gomez, who also works as a real estate agent.

Dalton Gomez sister is named Tori Gomez. He has two siblings. Dakota Gomez, her older brother is a tattoo artist by trade.

Relationship with Ariana Grande

Dalton Gomez Spouse met multi-platinum singer Ariana Grande, who has become known for her popular songs and strong vocals, Ariana’s life took an unexpected turn. After the couple’s relationship was officially announced in May 2020, it was immediately clear that they were unique. Under the public attention that surrounds celebrities, the two performed an outstanding achievement by maintaining a relatively private relationship despite their popular occupations.

The beautiful wedding of Ariana Grande and Dalton in May 2021 attracted fans all around the world. At their Montecito, California home, the Grammy-winning pop star and the wealthy real estate agent exchanged promises in a private ceremony. The wedding which took place during the COVID-19 pandemic, was evidence that love can grow even in difficult situations.

Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez Divorced

Dalton Gomez Divorced

Ariana Grande and Dalton decided to end their marriage due to a variety of factors, such as distance and competing demands from their careers. A close friend of the couple claims that Ariana’s decision to film the UK section of the Wicked movie had an impact on their breakup.

It was difficult for Ariana to keep in constant contact because she had to spend so much time away from Los Angeles, where they had originally planned to start their life together. Due to professional responsibilities, Dalton Gomez, a luxury real estate agent was required to be located in Los Angeles. This presented a significant obstacle for the two because Dalton’s employment required him to be in the city.

The insider stated that because of his job’s duties, he frequently found it difficult to leave Los Angeles. When Ariana started her shooting tour throughout the UK, they experienced the difficulties of a long-distance marriage. Though the divorce may have been mutually agreed upon, the insider claimed that Ariana only had good things to say about Dalton.

After only a few weeks of applying for divorce, their legal separation was confirmed on October 6, 2023.

As per their agreement, the singer thirty years old will give Gomez a one-time, tax-free payment of $1,250,000.

Professional Career

Dalton Gomez Professional Career

The primary field of work for Dalton Gomez is as a premium real estate agent. Dalton works for the luxury Beverly Hills, California-based real estate company Aaron Kirman Group. This firm serves a customer looking for unique and elegant houses and specializes in luxury properties. Gomez’s abilities, commitment, and work ethic are demonstrated by his success in this highly competitive field.

During his career, Dalton has collaborated with several elite consumers, including Craig Ellwood, Lautner, Quincy Jones, Neutra, and Pierre Koenig.

Gomez started his real estate career a long time before he became well-known. Dalton’s areas of specialization are high-value property brokerage, celebrity and business tycoon representation, and high-net-worth individual clients. Dalton has made a name for himself as a skillful and discrete professional who frequently handles private transactions. Dalton has probably been able to manage his private life better by exercising caution.

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Social Media

Several months had passed since the couple’s informal divorce. Ariana Grande performed a moving homage to them on her Instagram when they celebrated their second wedding anniversary in May.

Net Worth

According to what we previously discussed, real estate broker Dalton Gomez net worth is estimated at $25 million. Considered one of the richest real estate brokers, Dalton brings in approximately $3 million annually from his business. Dalton’s annual net worth is increasing as a result of his hard work.


Dalton Gomez’s transformation from a low-profile real estate agent to Ariana Grande’s ex-husband is a remarkable journey. Dalton’s career success, private wedding, and eventual separation provide insight into the complexities of life in the public eye. With a net worth of $25 million, Gomez’s story continues to captivate and inspire.


How Old is Dalton Gomez Ariana Grande Age Husband?

Ariana Grande husband age is 28 years old.

What is the net worth of Dalton as 2023?

The real estate broker Dalton Gomez’s net worth is estimated at $25 million.

When did Dalton and Ariana divorce officially?

After only a few weeks of applying for divorce, their legal separation was confirmed on October 6, 2023.

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