Journey of Rayna Tyson Daughter 1 of the Famous Boxer Mike Tyson – Rayna Hidden Facts

Rayna Tyson

Rayna Tyson, Who is the first daughter of Mike Tyson, and its Biography?

Rayna Tyson was born on February 14, 1996. She is the first girl of the boxing perfect, Mike Tyson, and his subsequent spouse, Dr Monica Turner. She is of African And American identity and American citizenship.

She burned through the greater part of her initial life in their old neighborhood of Bethesda, where the Tyson family had a $4 million manor. She is an Aquarius, as far as her Zodiac sign.

This superstar kid was initially named Rayna from birth. Be that as it may, lately, she has decided to be referred to as Ramsey as her most memorable name, totally getting rid of her unique original name (Rayna), in the wake of recognizing her as a transmasculine and non-parallel person.

Rayna was admitted to New York College in 2014 to pursue a degree in film, as tweeted by her cheerful father, who expressed how glad he was of her. She was perceived as “Best Film Understudy”, as indicated by her Linkedin page. She moved on from the NYU Film School in 2018.

She is right now in a relationship with an accomplice, recognized basically as Jozee. She shared a photograph of both of them back in August 2021 on her accomplice’s birthday.

Facts about Rayna Tyson

NameRayana Tyson
Date of Birth14 February 1996
Birth PlaceUnited state
Height5 Feet
Weight44 KG
Eye colorBrown
FatherMike Tyson
MotherMonica Turner
Marital StatusSingle
SiblingsAmir Tyson, Mikey Lorna Tyson, Exodus Tyson, Miguel Leon Tyson
GrandLorna SmithJimmy KirkpartickMaebelll Steele, Johan turner.
Net Worth$6 Million approx.
Famous MoviesJoker(2019)The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson (2017)

Rayna Tyson Career

Rayna Tyson

Rayna Tyson is The daughter of a boxing legend like Mike Tyson and may be supposed to continue her dad’s way as a sportsperson, yet Taylor seems to have her desires and has her sights set on the film business. Since she was a small kid, she has wanted to work in the diversion area.

She has participated in various movies as a team member. She has dominated the art of film creation and has a strong resume to show for it, with her development of a few short movies and web series.

As a component of her preparation and internship in 2017, Taylor momentarily worked at the studio while still an understudy. She filled in as an exploration understudy for the narrative: The Demise and Life of Marsha P. Johnson.

One of her most huge and notable works was the suspenseful and psychological work in, Joker movie, which featured Joaquin Phoenix, who got the Foundation Grant for “Best Entertainer”.

Rayna Tyson Movies

According to her IMDb profile, Tyson has two great movie credits. They are:

Joker (2019)

The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson (2017)

Who is Mike Tyson Mother and Father?

Rayna Tyson coexists with her half-siblings, who are the posterity of her dad’s association with Sol Xochitl and Lakiha Spicer, separately. Her step-kin goes by the names Miguel, Morocco, Milan, and Mikey Lorna Tyson. Mass migration Tyson, who was Tyson’s other stepsister, died in 2009 at four years old.

The late Departure Tyson was born into the world by Mike Tyson mother and father previous sweetheart, Sol Xochitl, who is likewise the mother of Miguel Tyson. Mikey Lorna, her stepsister, was brought into the world from her dad’s with Kimberly Scarborough. Mike Tyson’s ongoing mate.

Lakiha Spicer Biographie

Who are Mike Tyson Parents? Lakiha Spicer is the mother of Mike Tyson’s parents other half-kin, Milan, and Morocco.

Rayna Tyson Father History

Her dad, Mike Tyson Rayna Tyson is an incredible ex-proficient fighter who is broadly viewed as one of the best heavyweight fighters ever. He was brought into the world on June 30, 1966, in Brooklyn, New York City. He turned into the most youthful heavyweight champion in history at 20 years old, and he won his initial 19 expert battles by knockout.

He resigned from proficient Enclosing 2005 with a record of 50 successes (44 by knockout), six misfortunes, and two no-challenges. Beyond boxing, Tyson has likewise fiddled with acting and has had a few high-profile legitimate and private matters all through his life.

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Rayna Mother and Siblings

Rayna Tyson

Rayna Tyson mom, Monica Turner pediatrician, used to function as a pediatrician.

Rayna Taylor’s folks met at an extemporaneous party in 1990 at Eddie Murphy’s New Jersey house. At the hour of their gathering, Turner was a pre-drug understudy and previous belle of the ball. After their most memorable experience, a close connection followed between the two and because of Mike Tyson’s big name status, their relationship was at the front of the public eye.

Back in 1993, claims of attack were evened out against Mike by a member of a stunner show. The boxing champion was hence indicted and given a six-year jail sentence, which might have denoted the conclusion of his heartfelt friendship with Turner. Notwithstanding, despite the contention encompassing the case, the specialist’s affection for Mike Tyson remained unfaltering, and she ardently upheld him all through his conviction.

After his delivery, the pair invited their kid, Rayna, in 1996, even though they were not yet lawfully married. It was just a year after Rayna’s introduction to the world, that the couple chose to seal the deal. The pair wedded in a private service on April 19, 1997. Soon thereafter, their subsequent kid, Amir, was brought into the world on August 5, 1997.


Despite getting through different difficulties, Mike Tyson and Monica Turner stayed together for quite a long time. In any case, their marriage was set apart by turbulent times, including a period when the fighter was imprisoned by and by, this time, for attacking two drivers. What’s more, there were various blames for unfaithfulness, which eventually prompted Turner to petition for legal separation.


Starting in 2023, Rayna has a total assets of $500,000. She makes money from her work as a producer. Right now, she lives in a prosperous area in Brooklyn, New York.


How old is Rayna Tyson?

Now she is 27 years old (2023).

Who is the father of Rayna Tyson?

The famous Boxer Mike Tyson is the Father of Rayna Tyson.

What is Rayna Tyson Net Worth?

Rayna Tyson is about $6 Million approx.

What is Rayna’s parents name?

Rayna parents are Mike Tyson and Monica Turner.

What is the name of Mike Tyson Daughter?

Rayna Tyson is The daughter of a boxing legend like Mike Tyson.

What is the age of Rayna Tyson?

The age of Rayna Tyson as of 2023 is 27 years.

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