Making Hybrid Eyelash Extension – Hybrid Eyelash Extension: Simple Care Instructions

Making Hybrid Eyelash Extension - Hybrid Eyelash Extension Care Instructions

Combining classic and volume lash extensions results in hybrid eyelash extensions. You should apply somewhere between 30% and 50% of volume lash extensions, depending on the style that your particular client is striving for. The beautiful part about these combination lashes is that you can customize the appearance to exactly what your customer wants. 

If your customer wants a set of natural or wispy lashes, you should choose classic lash extensions more frequently than Volume Lashes. On the other hand, if your customer wants a set of lashes that is thick or dramatic, you should reach for Volume Lashes more frequently.

Classic and volume lashes are split 70–30 to create a hybrid eyelash extension. The best of both worlds may be provided to your clients by using hybrid eyelash extensions. By unequivocally situating both volume and exemplary lashes to approach the eyes, the ideal impact is made. Crossover expansions give extra volume and scope of surfaces without the once-in-a-while fake appearance of volume lashes. This approach will offer the ideal compromise for individuals who desire a lash line with a little bit more volume but not quite as full as volume extensions.

Making Hybrid Eyelash Extension: A Guide

Given that hybrid lash extensions require more creativity and accuracy than other types, installing a full set can take around two and a half hours.

Before affixing extensions, lash artists should isolate each eyelash. Use handcrafted fans first, then affix these on a single natural lash for the maximum effect. Typically, one lash extension will be put to isolated lashes on either side of two fans placed on two different lashes. After that, this procedure is done several times to apply the entire set of hybrid lashes.

Hybrid Lashes vs Classic vs Volume

Let’s read about classic vs hybrid lashes and hybrid vs volume lashes.

Classic Lashes

One classic eyelash extension is attached to one natural lash to create classic lashes. The 1:1 technique is another name for this approach. If you choose to apply a black lash extension, this technique provides your customers’ lashes with greater length and a deeper, more dramatic color; this may be especially beneficial for clients who have short or light-colored lashes. 

Out of the three procedures, this one looks the most natural and gives your clients a little extra “oomph” without going crazy or seeming to have long lashes. To keep the natural lash strong and unburdened, you should limit the thickness of classic lashes to 0.15 and under. This will aid in retention as well as maintaining the strength of the natural lashes. 

These traditional lashes are my go-to choice since they are a deep black and offer a selection of lengths and curls to let you further customize your look. A complete set of classic lashes can take anywhere from 1.5 to 2 hours to apply from beginning to end. Choose this time-tested method if your clients have thick natural lashes and desire easy beauty.

Volume Eyelash extensions

Multiple extensions are attached to one natural lash to create volume lash extensions. You may opt to construct a 2D fan (two extensions are applied to one natural lash), a 3D fan, a 4D fan, etc., depending on the thickness of the desired set. This technique requires a little more work since you’ll need to learn how to build volume fans with various lash densities and thicknesses. 

The lash thickness you should choose should be less the more lashes you’re utilizing in a fan. Use 0.02-0.07 mm weights to create a lighter fan and make sure that no natural lashes are held down. You may guarantee your customers still receive a stunning end result while maintaining the strength and health of their natural lashes by keeping the more dramatic fans thin. You may anticipate spending between two and three hours using the volume approach to create a stunning entire set.

Hybrid Eyelashes

A lovely fusion of volume and classic lashes are hybrid eyelash extensions. Hybrid eyelash extensions often include volume lash extensions with 70% classic extensions, however, this ratio is not set in stone and may be readily tailored to meet the demands of your individual clientele. For instance, if your customer requests a thick, textured look, you may wish to use more volume lashes to get the ratio closer to 20% classics and 80% volumes.

Alternatively, you may choose to utilize more lashes per fan to make up to 10D fans. If you choose the latter, be sure to use lashes with a thinner fan, such as Glad Girl Signature Mink 0.03mm lashes. On the other hand, choose a ratio that leans more heavily toward the traditional if your customer requests a wispy or natural hybrid eyelash extension set.

It’s best to reserve such volumes mostly for the “spiked” or “textured” portions of the collection, which can contain anywhere from 65% to 80% classics. Additionally, you may utilize 2D and 3D fans with a thickness of around 0.05 to 0.07 mm, such as these convenient quick fanning lashes. Depending on how natural or dense your client wants the result to be, allow 1.5 to 3 hours while using this technique.

Hybrid Eyelash Extension: Care Instructions

Your customers should be instructed on how to take care of their hybrid eyelash extensions, just like with Classic and Volume lash extensions. Giving your customers a few really easy advice will help them integrate an aftercare regimen that will increase lash retention and, as a consequence, should result in their return. Top recommendations for caring for hybrid eyelash extensions include:

  • Scheduling an infill session will not only be more cost-effective in the long term than irregularly scheduling a full set of lashes, but it will also keep your lashes looking gorgeously maintained and avoid the terrible few-lashes appearance. stage of “hanging-on-by-a-thread”
  • Clients should avoid getting their hybrid eyelash extensions wet for the first 48 hours following the procedure as the glue requires time to set.
  • After the initial phase, customers should use an eyelash cleaner to clean their lashes every day, wipe them dry gently, and brush them with an eyelash brush.
  • It’s crucial to emphasize that customers should only use moderate pressure while washing their lashes and should avoid rubbing or plucking them in order to avoid needless breakage and early shedding.


Hybrid eyelash extensions are a great option if you’ve always desired long, gorgeous lashes. For the best results, speaking with our team of lash specialists at Star Seed is typically a good idea. By doing this, you’ll be able to compare what you hope for with what is actually feasible.

What have you determined now that you are aware of the effectiveness of hybrid eyelash extensions? It’s up to you whether you will give them a try.

Consider using this procedure if you truly want to make your eyelashes seem nice.

Women adore using them, and they come in the shape of several lash extensions. Additionally, they are simple to use.

What more could you ask for from them than a textured appearance with spikes? While using them, there is no need for extra training.

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